April 14, 2008

Well I have to say that this has been a real experience. Meeting Josie for the first time, working with her, putting up with her.... and now saying good bye to her. I am really going to miss this horse. She has come a long way since her arrival. The funny part is, she is has just now gotten past "the hard part" and is just now becoming a great horse. 100 days is not very much time. She has a kind eye, loves kids and people, can be stubborn at times and yet, she still keeps putting up with me and my adventures.

I go to fellow trainer, Jessie's and Remington's post and watch that darn clock literally counting down the seconds, I can't sleep because I am thinking about the competition and how this mare will handle the stadium environment. It should all be interesting to say the least.

I went out 4 days ago to bring her in from turn out and another horse decided to scratch Josie's back over the fence. Took the darn hide right OFF!!!! So I now have a Mustang that has a semi-bald back.... ha ha Not funny, but just my luck. She wasn't sore on it, but it is a tad unsightly. Wish she would have asked me to scratch her back, I would have been a little easier on the hair removal.

We are hauling to the other trainers barn Monday and Wednesday for some other riding experiences. That is going well.....

See you all at the FAIR!


Tracey said...

I know just what you mean by that ticking clock, lol! I thought it was cool and added one, but now I do everything I can not to look :)

When you get back out west to visit your mom again, look me up! I love LaConnor :)

Dena Plendl said...

Wow - you have been to La Conner. Such a small world! My mom is flying in tomorrow night and then headed to Wisconsin with us. We are leaving bright and early Thursday AM. Be sure to look me up this weekend so we can visit. I can't wait meet everyone! What is your blog address? I have looked at so many that I forget where I have been LOL.

Rhorho said...

Dena and Scott,
Thank you so much for doing a wonderful job on Josie!!! I am the fortunate one who got to adopt her. She has already (in 24hrs) stolen all of our hearts. Fate has stepped in and brought her to me. I will keep you posted to her progress. I look forward to being up at MHF with the mustangs next year. Again, the biggest hugs and kisses for bringing her to me.