April 14, 2008

Well I have to say that this has been a real experience. Meeting Josie for the first time, working with her, putting up with her.... and now saying good bye to her. I am really going to miss this horse. She has come a long way since her arrival. The funny part is, she is has just now gotten past "the hard part" and is just now becoming a great horse. 100 days is not very much time. She has a kind eye, loves kids and people, can be stubborn at times and yet, she still keeps putting up with me and my adventures.

I go to fellow trainer, Jessie's and Remington's post and watch that darn clock literally counting down the seconds, I can't sleep because I am thinking about the competition and how this mare will handle the stadium environment. It should all be interesting to say the least.

I went out 4 days ago to bring her in from turn out and another horse decided to scratch Josie's back over the fence. Took the darn hide right OFF!!!! So I now have a Mustang that has a semi-bald back.... ha ha Not funny, but just my luck. She wasn't sore on it, but it is a tad unsightly. Wish she would have asked me to scratch her back, I would have been a little easier on the hair removal.

We are hauling to the other trainers barn Monday and Wednesday for some other riding experiences. That is going well.....

See you all at the FAIR!

April 4, 2008

Well today was very interesting to say the least.

I wanted Josie to have the experience of multiple riders. We had become a tad stagnant in our training program, so I decided that Josie needed a good ole fashioned trailer ride to another trainer's barn. Pete Thomas (an his lovely wife, Morgan) is a reining trainer that is new to our area and we love having him!

Since I am not a reining trainer, I figured it would be good for her (and to be honest, me) to experience another person's abilities. The news is - JOSIE WAS A STINKER!!!! She acted like I have never rode her, let alone trained her..... He tried to put the saddle on her and she spooked at the pad and saddle, a person would swear that she never even saw a saddle in her life! Then he went to lung her and she tried to buck the saddle off for the longest 2 minutes of my life, she humped up, kicked out, pulled all the tricks out of her war bag and I was actually embarrassed a tad. Boys and girls I can tell you this...... having another person that knows what they are doing ride this mustang was the best thing I ever invested in. Cha Ching! He's worth it!

I plan to haul her to his barn all next week for more lessons. She needs to know that a variety of people can ride her and not just me. By the time Pete was done, he had Josie eating from the palm of his hand. She was doing somewhat of a nice turn around and loping her circles like she was suppose to. It was a lot of fun for everyone. I think? This is the horse business, so I am still in great spirits regarding my Wild Mustang.