April 1, 2008

Well here we are a few weeks away from the competition. We have been working on all the fundamentals at home and lets hope that it all pays off. It's now time to go out to the real world and apply those skills. Today we are going over to a fellow trainers barn for some lessons in reining. Keep your fingers crossed - Josie could care less if she ever does a 360 turn in her life.

Josie is such a people lover. She really likes kids and they all love to come over to see her. I snapped these photos a few days ago of her nuzzling up for some loving.


Tracey said...

Josie looks like a sweetheart. Good luck at the Expo!

Hey, I think I just saw your picture in the Skagit Valley Herald, didn't I?

Dena Plendl said...

Yes, the Skagit Valley Herald did story on Josie and I. It was really neat to have a lot of my buddies from back home e-mailing and commenting on our progress. Fun stuff!