February 27, 2008

Today is 35 degrees and it feels like a serious heat wave. I braided Josie's mane down flat and it looks great, I just wish there was a little more hair in the middle. Oh well, hopefully it will keep growing. Low and behold there is a slim neck, we all just though she had a cresty neck. Her punk rock hair do days are gone too.... Man I feel better. I brushed her all up and even got some decent shots in the sunshine. What a concept.... SUN and heat at the same time. This mare is really transforming.


Goldchampagne said...

You go girl! If anyone can get that mustang going it will be you! You'll be wantin that Tennessee WAlking Horse after you finish this endeavor! Good Luck, I will be watching your progress.

Dena Plendl said...

Reality has already hit - the trot is still not my preference! I bet it has been at least 6 years since I have been on a trotting horse. ha ha

Rachael N said...

Wow Dena. You've got yourself a gorgeous mare there. Kudos to you for digging deep enough into her to bring her beauty out.

When she's left and you're bored (ha!), I could always send you a nice, gaited three year old bay gelding. Didn't you say in your first posting that you wanted to have a bay gelding? lol!